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Provincial Supply Chain


  1. All suppliers are hereby invited to register voluntarily as prospective suppliers on the database of the North West Provincial Government.
  2. In order to comply with the Treasury Instructions Number 11 of 2005, the North West Provincial Treasury developed the supplier database to be used by various Departments in the North West Provincial Government.
  3. The purpose of this database is to give all prospective suppliers equal access to the North West Provincial Government Procurement System, and the opportunity to develop and grow.
  4. It should be noted that the North West Provincial Government reserves the right to accept or reject any application without being obliged to give any reasons in this respect.
  5. The completion and submission of this registration form does not guarantee that a supplier will be awarded quotations or contracts by the North West Provincial Government; however preference will be given to those contracted on submission of proof thereof.
  6. A supplier is created only once in the North West Provincial Supplier Database system a supplier cannot register more than once in the database, except in a partnership
  7. Suppliers must comply with all the registration requirements. Failure to do so may result in the application being declined. Suppliers will not be notified whether their application was accepted or not but will be notified of the outcome if they inquire telephonically.
  8. Proof of registration / accreditation with relevant bodies must be submitted together with this application where applicable. Share holding of the company must also be submitted.
  9. Preference will be given to compliant registered suppliers but it does not necessarily follow that suppliers who are not yet registered will be totally be exempted from the government procurement system.
  10. For a prospective supplier to be registered, it is mandatory that he / she must submit and attach to this application form the documents as stipulated in Part 9
  11. A supplier must ensure that he / she renews his / her tax clearance certificate before its date of expiry and submits it to the Supplier Registration Office. Suppliers who fail to renew the validity of their tax clearance certificates will automatically be put on hold.
  12. A supplier must ensure that he / she updates his / her information when there are changes to his / her company e.g. change of addresses / telephone numbers, etc.
  13. This Supplier Registration Form must be completed in full, duly signed and attested to by a Commissioner of Oaths as stipulated in Part 10B of this form.
  14. NB: Please do not cancel or use Tippex on this form, and all certification must be done by the Commissioner of Oaths or SAPS only.
  15. Faxed, Scanned and E-mailed copies of this form and its attachments will not be considered.
  16. Foreigners with South African Bar coded Identities must attach copy of their Certificate of Naturalisation.
  17. Government employees must attach a Declaration signed by the Executing Authority.
  18. Should a member resign from a company, he/she must submit an affidavit declaring that indeed he/she has resigned and must attach his/her originally certified ID copy, and submit that in person.
  19. Physical address of the company can only be changed once in a year and proof of address is needed.
  20. Please Note : If any of the requirements are not met as stipulated on the form, application will be declined and will be returned to make corrections.


Member of Executive Council
MEC Motlalepula Rosho
Head of the Department
HOD Mr Ndlela Kunene