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Internal Audit

Provincial Internal Audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity that aims at adding value and improving the North West Provincial Governments' operations. It seeks to assist the Provincial Government to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.


The role and function of Provincial Internal Audit is to assist Accounting Officers in:

[ i] maintaining efficient and effective controls in the respective departments by evaluating and testing those controls to determine their effectiveness and efficiency, and by developing recommendations for enhancement or improvement thereof. The controls subject to evaluation and testing should encompass the following
  1. the information systems environment
  2. the reliability and integrity of financial and operational information;
  3. the effectiveness of operations;
  4. safeguarding of assets; and
  5. compliance with laws, regulations and controls.

[ [ii] achieving the objectives of the respective departments by evaluating and developing recommendations for the enhancement or improvement of the processes through which
  1. objectives and values are established and communicated;
  2. the accomplishment of objectives is monitored;
  3. accountability is ensured; and
  4. corporate values are preserved.

Internal Audit CARES refers to the addressing of certain objectives (this relates closely to [i] above:

Compliance: With policies, rules regulations, and laws

.Authorization: Proper review and approval.

Reliability and accuracy of data: Data is accurate, timely, useful, reliable and relevant.

Effectiveness and efficiency: Operations are effective and efficient and add value; accomplishment and monitoring of goals

.Safeguarding Assets: Assets are protected from theft, misuse, and/or destruction.

Member of Executive Council
MEC Motlalepula Rosho
Head of the Department
HOD Mr Ndlela Kunene