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Financial Governance Programme

The purpose of this programme is to provide financial management support to provincial departments and public entities. The programme further provides support to the province to ensure that government institutions attain clean audit.

The Public Financial Management Act mandates the Provincial Treasury to assist provincial departments and provincial public entities in building their capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management.

To ensure that the Department of Finance achieves its main objective of managing optimal utilisation of state resources by government institutions, a programme has been developed to change the face of financial management in the province. Customised departmental plans to deal with recurring issues raised by the Auditor General has been developed wherein departments are engaged on a regular basis and informed about the implementation of the action plan on audit issues that were raised by Auditor General including internal audit matters.

Professional service providers have been appointed to assist the provincial government to turn around state of financial management. Areas of concern that ought to be looked upon during the process include amongst others submission of annual financial statements, asset registers; irregular expenditure and supply chain issues.

The first phase of the project focused on improving the quality of annual financial statements and the second phase is intended at robustly attending to all comprehensive issues raised in the Auditor Generalís management letters.
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Indaba
  • Internal Audit

    Member of Executive Council
    MEC Motlalepula Rosho
    Head of the Department
    HOD Mr Ndlela Kunene